How to Connect with your Teen Seminar

Would you like to have a better CONNECTION with your Teen?

Having a healthy connection with your teenager is not optional; it is foundational. If there is one relationship that you cannot afford to lose, it’s this one! If you lose your connection, you lose your influence… 

Connection is the greatest “highway” to influence our teens.

This 3 hr seminar will give you a few more tools to add to your ‘parenting toolbox’ and give you the inspiration you need to become the parent you want to be. Whether your relationship with your teen is in a good space, or in need of some TLC, this seminar can help you to make it better!



  • Goal of Parenting
  • Understanding your Teen’s Brain and World
  • Stages of Parenting
  • The Power of Connection
  • Two Parental Drivers
  • Understanding that ‘It Starts with Me’
  • Your Family Culture
  • Leading with Vulnerability
  • Communicating to Connect
  • Powerful Keys to Connecting with your Teen

What to expect

The seminar is targeted at parents with teens. This 3 hr seminar includes insightful and engaging teaching as well as practical application (tools and exercises) on how to build a deeper connection with your teen. It includes you very own workbook.


I found this course most helpful! The material was perfect, very informative and the way in which Sarah presents it is very entertaining. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Esme M

This was time well spent! Sarah has so much practical insight in how to connect with your teen. She knows how their brains operate. The way she presented the course is full of fun! Highly recommended!

Debbie Z
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